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This problem has been going on for quite some time. It started a long time ago the date given is at best a guess and continues to this day! I have replaced all 4 spark plugs and all four ignition coils. The engine runs just fine and then for no apparent reason starts to stutter. If the check engine light was out, it will come back on.

If the AC is running the compressor will cut out and the cold will go away. Then as mysteriously as it started, it will flash back to normal! Engine running smoothly, AC cold as ever. The misfire can go on for miles and miles, or it may come and go in a matter of seconds, but it has been frustrating as hell, and the thought of what it might cost as the vehicle is out of warranty is frightening.

I also worry about possible damage to other components, particularly the emissions system due to the misfire. I am scheduled for a trip to Delaware from NY next week.

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Apparently a wire harness from the ECU the "brain" needed to be replaced. I was pleased as punch as I had a 4 hour trip coming up, my vacation in Delaware. The car ran perfect from Wednesday till Saturday, when the problem came back! This was the 4th of July weekend, with the 4th on Monday and I was planning to leave Tuesday morning at 7 am! Not good! I dropped the van at the mechanics and held my departure Tuesday morning waiting to hear-I was going to rent a car for the trip if necessary.

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I went to see him at around since he hadn't called. He had checked the connection at the harness and told me he found gunk which he said was there when he changed the part and he had cleaned it then, but now it was back. However, he cleaned it out again, test drove the vehicle and found no problem. I test drove the van and decided to take it on the trip.

So far, so good. I am keeping my fingers and eyes crossed! If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Most Common Solutions: not sure 1 reports. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page.

Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this Transit Connect problem yet. Be the first! Find a good Ford mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area. Enter your zip code: A free service from CarTalk.

Send Comment Add Complaint.Essentially in a class of its own, the Ford Transit Connect small commercial van carries over into the model year with minor changes. The Transit Connect comes in two body styles: a passenger wagon and a cargo van. Power is provided by a 2. Fleet operators also have the option of opting for an electric drivetrain, where the gas four-banger is replaced with a hp and lb-ft AC electric motor. The Transit Connect van is capable of swallowing up Transit Connect wagons becoming popular as taxis nationwide are capable of carrying Body style: Van Engine: 2.

The main change to the Transit Connect is the addition of traction and roll stability control on all models, under the moniker of AdvanceTrac with RSC. The Ford Transit Connect follows a more European style than most vans available in the United States, with tall, short, and boxy being the flavor of choice.

Perfect for urban deliveries, the compact Transit Connect is available with a variety of window and panel options. As a compact van aimed largely at commercial users, the Ford Transit Connect has a suitably sparse interior.

2012 ford transit connect engine diagram hd quality express

With space being the most important aspect of a van, the Transit Connect has plenty. The five-passenger Transit Connect wagon offers up to Transit Connect vans increase the rear space by ditching the second row bench, giving it With a hp 2. In our instrumented testing, the Transit Connect van took The Transit Connect wagon took slightly longer, needing Fuel economy remains one of the Transit Connect's main attractions.

The Transit Connect also comes standard with front and side first-row airbags. Being specifically targeted toward the commercial vehicle market, the Transit Connect packs features like an Electronic Passive Anti-Theft System, and a locking exterior hood release as standard equipment to help combat vandalism. Watch Originals.This page is for personal, non-commercial use. We get it. Ads can be annoying. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

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Pricing Specs Equipment. Maximum cargo capacity Standard seating 2 Exterior Length Gross weight 5, lbs. Fuel Fuel tank capacity Torque rpm 4, Payload 1, lbs. Drive type front-wheel Turning radius Research Another Vehicle.

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Diagram Database. Posted by D. An electrical wiring diagram could be so simple as a diagram exhibiting how to install a brand new switch inside your hallway, or as intricate as the complete electrical blueprint for your personal new property. Whilst house electrical power is almost nothing to mess around with, in some ways, Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram wiring is less complicated than other repair service and reworking expertise which include carpentry.

Once youve learned some primary skills which include setting up containers, functioning cable, and splicing, you simply ought to pick which wire goes exactly where. That is why a great wiring diagram is crucial for wiring your house properly.

Keep your diagrams close to-by.

Ford Transit Connect Service and Repair Manuals

You will need to confer with them typically as you work with your job. Wire Shades: Electrical wiring diagrams Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram which have been in coloration have a bonus in excess of kinds that happen to be black and white only. The wires might be colored similar to the particular wires you can be using. Generally, the inexperienced wire is floor, white or off-white is neutral, and black, pink or other colours indicate the hot wire.

In certain occasions, for instance some swap legs, the function in the wires are going to be indicated by colored electrical tape.

2012 ford transit connect engine diagram hd quality express

Symbols: When thinking about any Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram wiring diagram, start by familiarizing on your own Using the symbols which are getting used. The electrical symbols will likely not only display where by anything is usually to be installed, but what type of system is getting installed. Make sure you understand the symbols on the diagram ahead of commencing your job. There really should be a chart on the diagram exhibiting different symbols getting used, very similar to a legend on the map.

Such as Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram a surface ceiling light will be shown by just one symbol, a recessed ceiling gentle can have a unique symbol, in addition to a area fluorescent light-weight may have A different symbol. Every type of swap will have a special image and so will the varied outlets. You can even find symbols exhibiting The situation of smoke detectors, your doorbell chime, and the thermostat. Switches: When it comes to residence electrical energy, Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram theres a ton more to consider than merely turning a turn on and Off.

A few of the commonest inquiries electricians acquire involve switches. Once you realize the differing types of switches and observe a superb wiring diagram, you ought to be able to install a completely new switch in your home.

Below are a few of the more popular switching configurations: A Single-Pole Swap offers switching from a person area only. This is a popular configuration in hallways and staircases. There are plenty of solutions to wire a 3-Way Switch. The power can get started in a fixture or either of the two switches.

With no wiring diagram it can be very simple to make a significant blunder. What a great way to delight in softer light and a lessened energy Invoice! These switches allow you to Handle a number of fixtures from a few or even more spots.

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It could be nearly impossible to put in writing the Guidelines in a way that you could potentially simply just browse them and entire your undertaking. Even so, a very good wiring diagram will make it achievable for you to efficiently and safely and securely tackle wiring 4-Way Switches. As vital as electrical Ford Transit Connect Engine Diagram wiring diagrams are to the profitable completion of the wiring project, basic safety and respect for electrical power are necessary.

Never ever work on Are living circuits. Before you start your venture, establish the circuit youre working on after which you can convert off ability to that circuit at the leading panel.More about the factory manual!

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There are lots of rewards you will stand to enjoy when you start to repair your car in your garage. The benefits range from cutting cost of service, enjoying comfort, to ensuring good running condition of your car at any point in time. Also you will not be cheated by untrained folks that claim to be professional auto technicians. These and more are the reasons why you need to download the factory manual on this website.

This manual is loaded with detailed information on how to service and repair virtually everything on Ford Transit Connect First generation Indeed, the abovementioned compact panel Van is designed in three different body styles which range from 3-door panel van to 4-door panel van to 5-door MPV.

So no matter the body style of your own ford transit, you are going to handle your repair right in your garage using the professional guide provided to you through the service manual offered on this site. You will handle your repair like one working with a professional when you follow the step by step procedures outlined in the manual offered on this site.

If your car is doing overheating, or you need to service the engine oil, you need not to take the car to auto workshop when you have this repair manual. You will be able to handle your repair effectively and efficiently just like a professional when you make use of the information on this manual.

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It is even more interesting for you to know that you will not need to spend huge amount of money for you get the manual. All you need is flat fee and you will use the manual the way you want. That is why you have pick up your internet now and begin to search for the manual right away on this website. Factory Manual The only service manual that matter!

September 6, Ford Transit Connect factory repair manual More about the factory manual!Put all your energies in doing something you love. The day is good for indulging in recreational activities or hobbies. However, refrain from over-spending. Few of you may meet someone special today. Monetary gain from an unexpected source is foreseen.

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2012 ford transit connect engine diagram hd quality express

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